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Loud, Hard, Melodious…

Bloody Love Affair began on Halloween of 2019, blazing in a garagewithin the barrios of Costa Mesa, California. Made of up four celestial parts…


Nathan Villa - Vocals

Scott Holty - Bass

Jeff Veal - Drums

Mike Stute - Guitar


…its members somehow, in blind cosmic middle age, found each other and started Bloody Love Affair.


Their influences embrace early rock n’ roll (Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin), punk (X, Black Flag, Husker Du, Misfits, Refused), grunge (Dinosaur Jr., Local H) and alternative (Pixies, Sonic Youth, Fugazi), drawing blood from all corners of the musical universe.


Crafting original music based on the principles of sci-fi/horror love songs, Bloody Love Affair is ready to rock the world… and beyond!


Contact:    bloodyloveaffair@gmail.com


                   BLA 949-300-8740

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